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Ilhan Alyanak is a photographer, and filmmaker based in the D.C. area who’s work has been published in online magazines and featured in local gallery exhibitions. 


Photos by Sabrina Slavin


Born in France and raised on two continents, I was raised in a household where effort was the key word. It wasn’t about success as much as it was about hard work.

As a college student, I look forward to university studies that will reinforce my passions. Among those passions, media and communications are prime, but so too are activism and advocacy, because regardless of current turmoil in the world of communications, connecting with the right people and delivering the right message remain at the centre of our democracy and the defense of human rights. So in coming years, I fully expect to continue to hone my photography, filmmaking and editorial skills with the medium-term goal of entering the media fray in New York soon after I graduate.

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